Challenge to Excellence 

Challenge to Excellence is a truly specializied executive coaching boutique

who partners with executives, managers, teams and organizations to align strategy, leadership and

people to optimize performance.  Our proprietary and success proven methodologies help leaders

significantly grow their positive impact, strengthen their leadership skills

and increase results. 

Life is good,

and your aim is to take it to great

Professional Executive Coaching helps leaders meet today's challenges


strengthen their leadership skills to

reach new heights

Our Focus

is to increase your leadership impact

You have given your utmost to get where you are today and you are successful in many ways. You have created ample of opportunities and conquered many challenges in today's rapid changing environments. To be on top of your game you are always highly alert and continously in action. 

And yet, in moments of reflection, you may sense you are not always as effective as you strive for. You are wondering if you are creating optimal impact, results as well as meaning. For yourself, your team and the organization.

Proper and effective coaching can help you work through dilemma's, elevate future performance, improve leadership effectiveness in order to be a great inspirational leader with impact and a healthy dose of resilience.

I invite you to browse through my website to learn more and contact me if you have any questions about what I do or how I can help you and your organization reach new heights. I gladly help leaders at all levels of leadership in organizations from high potentials on through to CEOs to reach all that. 


A space to reflect


ideas and



With someone who listens and purposefully challenges


Success proven 



leadership growth



To achieve

the impact and results

you and your organization strive for

WHY Executive Coaching with Challenge to Excellence:

What transforms our coaching into amazing coaching results for you is:

A powerful Executive Coaching Process

The ability to engage the specific leadership challenges leaders face

Our focus on results and business shavvy approach

A full partnership throughout the entire coaching process to ensure guaranteed results

as well as high quality content knowledge and expertise

  • generate results,
  • have a strong and effective strategy in place
  • create rewarding and sustainable relationships
  • and have a significant positive impact on their businesses and stakeholders


My purpose is simple – I help successful executives become exceptional leaders who

It is my passion to help you unlock your potential

I work with senior executives, with high performing teams & groups and organizations to help fulfil their potential and generate lasting results.


Executive coaching for leadership excellence


Creating a performance oriented team


Creating & Implementing

a results’ driven strategy

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I met Marja when I was striving to bridge the gap from middle-management to the C-suite. Together we analysed my current situation and created a professional strategy to make that step. Through reflection and thoughtful planning she helped me unlock my potential and as we role-played the scenarios for a promotion drive, I became more confident and the end-result of achieving Chief Operating Officer will not have been possible without her

COO Independent View

I have had several coaches during my career and would distinguish Marja as being a rare combination of an Executive Coach with both significant business experience and also a profound ability to tap into the human emotions that underlie all actions and interactions.

Marja is highly intelligent and has high personal standards. She understands business and the issues CEO’s and other senior Executives face. Importantly, she does not ‘jump ‘ to conclusions but rather offers supportive environment to enquire further and thereby allowing her Coachee to explore the matter more fully. Marja has a disarming style whereby she explores a topic gently but firmly enquiring more and more deeply.

Partner KPMG

Marja is a sensitive and highly present person. When she is interacting with me, she is fully there and receptive of what I have to share with her. She listens extremely well and is curious to find out more. This makes her truly interested but also triggers my thinking as she is focused to find out my motives and what drives I have. Next to this talent she also has very strong analytical capabilities. She is able to connect the details to the broader perspective and is also highly skilled to further explore and ask on any trends or inconsistencies. By having both these talents she has been able to support me in my challenges in my role as a leader.

Vice President Gartner