Results Driven Strategy

In this rapidly changing world with increasing complexity and opportunities, companies risk losing their focus and reap the benefits of their potential & competitive edge. Challenge to Excellence offers a proven strategic planning process that is action focused and respects experience, knowledge and wisdom already present within the organization. A proven structured four-phased approach to successfully create and implement a results’-oriented strategy.

Phase IV: Allignment & Implementation

Phase I: Assess

  • Define scope
  • Due date
  • Participants
  • Process

Phase II: Design

  • Design process
  • Involve Participants
  • Mission, vision, values
  • Market review
  • SWOT
  • Edge
  • Identify priorities

Phase III: Priorities & Theme

  • Business case of priorities defined in phase II
  • Narrowing list of initiatives
  • Identify overarching theme
  • Create  workable action plan
  • Define necessary resources
  • Communication
  • Monitor progress