The world is changing at an incredibly fast pace. Challenges grow exponentially in terms of complexity, interconnections and the speed of change. Collaboration in a dynamic relationship internally as well as within the wider ecosystem has become key. Even more so, as organizations increasingly operate remotely, success is increasingly recognised as resulting from high-performing teams and highly effective leadership teams. Effective teamwork has a direct impact on employee engagement and an organisation’s bottom line.

What we see is that teams and their leaders often need help when it comes to managing this transition. To help organisations foster high performing teams Challenge to Excellence partners together with FRICTION? FRICTION is a boutique team coaching proposition developed by experienced, academically trained and highly qualified specialists to support teams in being the best they can be.

Phase IV: Measurement

Phase I: Assess

  • General Inquiry

  • Quick team assessment

  • Clarify Goals

Phase II: Design

  • Team values

  • Define Roles

  • Ground Rules

  • Chemistry

  • Setting the Course

  • Risks

  • Communication

Phase III: Implementation

  • Implementation

  • Acknowledgment

  • Clearing Up Setbacks

  • Motivational Strategies

  • Open and Honest Communication

  • Transitions In & Out

  • Lessons learned

  • Review Action Plan