Achieve Results

Improve Strategy 

Enhance Sustainable Rewarding Relationships

A true understanding of businesses

Challenge to Excellence partners with Executives and Organizations to align strategy, people, and processes to optimize results. Our proprietary and success proven methodologies help leaders significantly grow their impact, strengthen their leadership skills and increase results



Our purpose is simple – we help successful executives become exceptional leaders who

  • generate results,
  • have a strong and effective strategy in place
  • create rewarding and sustainable relationships
  • and have a positive impact on their businesses and stakeholders


Results focused and business oriented

Our approach is results driven, practical and business oriented. We offer success proven solutions that are tailored to the position, opportunities and challenges of each individual, team and organization. Our approach is grounded in strategy, execution and results, and is designed to help executives meet the high demands of current fast changing environments. 

Offers a trustworthy setting

In a trustworthy engaging setting, leaders are stimulated to reflect upon their current situation, tap inside their own resourcefulness for key ingredients to change and are challenged to new thinking. We help leaders remove blind spots, discover new insights, and generate actionable outcomes for their organization.

Creating sustainable value 

Our approach offers an opportunity to create exceptional and lasting value at pivotal moments of organizations and careers.






We operate from a source of curiosity and a strong believe of ample of growth opportunities in each one of us. Each engagement helps us in generating meaning and we see our work with leaders as challenging, inspiring, fun and stimulating.



It takes courage for both ourselves and the leaders we work with, to tap into our own key ingredients to change and to create meaningful insights. We offer commitment to inspire leaders and organizations to change and drive results. Which occasionally requires us to step out of our comfort zone and be vulnerable just like we ask our clients to step out of their comfort zone, to be vulnerable, to try new things, to rethink deeply held beliefs and todo what it takes to change.



Our client’s success is our success. We perceive ourselves to be grateful with leaders who are willing to look within themselves and their organization for the key ingredients for change.



C2E adheres to high ethical and professional standards in its work and relationships. We aim to be fair and respectful in all our interactions and conscientiously preserve the resources entrusted to us.  

Where we are different

A true understanding of businesses

As a financial analyst of stock market listed companies for many years, I have a true understanding of businesses and experienced how organizational results are interwoven with leadership behaviour. I value the importance of results, high quality performance, effective relationships and having a suitable strategy in place. Our solutions are built with this as their main focus and work towards actionable outcomes with significant return on investments.


MSc Executive Coaching Ashridge Hult Executive Education

MSc Econometrics & Finance

Hello, I am Marja Zandstra

As an ICF accredited coach and a master’s degree in Executive Coaching from Ashridge Hult Business School, I seek to combine business knowledge, analytical skills with psychological theories, to build a foundation to maximize personal effectiveness aligned with overall organizational performance.

My starting point is results, business oriented and the uniqueness of each individual. Extensive experience in senior positions as an investment analyst and a master’s degree in Econometrics, allow me to easily reveal existing patterns and to filter through to the essence of the challenges, complexity and opportunities executives & organizations nowadays experience. The solutions we offer through Challenge to Excellence contain this experience & knowledge and are simultaneously highly customized to the uniqueness of each leader and organization

If I were your coach, you would start by looking at the bigger picture and vision. Where do you and your organization strategically stand today and where would you ideally like and need to be in the near to medium term future. Once you have clarity on where you are and what your dot on the horizon is, we will zoom in together, look at all the elements, seek patterns, connections and see what is necessary for you to get you there and to generate the results your organization aims for.



"I feel inspired to invite and challenge leaders, as well as organizations, to achieve full alignment with their true purpose ".